BURGER KING / Mannschafts-Whopper

„A totally insane idea – that’s why it’s the best Euro 2016 campaign this year“, says Schlecky Silberstein. „A great marketing idea.“, says HORIZONT. „Marvellous“ and „football-crazy.“, says Hans Sarpei.

And all that for a good reason. With BURGER KING we revived the winning spirit of our last European Championship title from 1996 and turned it into an ingredient for the most extraordinary WHOPPER ever. The Mannschafts-WHOPPER.

The Online Film

The Case Video

BURGER KING / Flame-Grilled Delivery Service

In 2016, Burger King had launched their home delivery service in Germany. In order to improve awareness, we created the 'Flame-Grilled Delivery' –  initially intended to be a guerilla marketing stunt, this idea was realised instead as an online film in 2017.

The Online Film

BURGER KING / Das schärfste Testessen aller Zeiten

Introducing Germany to the new super spicy “Angriest Whopper”  – we lured BK's followers on facebook to participate in an unusual tasting event.

The Online Film