VODAFONE / Cure The Bullies

To help combat cyber bullying in Australian schools, a fun and entertaining integrated campaign was created to engage as well as educate kids. Introducing The Bullies – nasty, highly contagious viruses that lurk in cyberspace, infecting young cyber citizens with unacceptable online behaviours. TV, banner ads and posters in schools introduced The Bullies Viruses and urged kids to go to curethebullies.com.au for a free health check.

The School Posters


The Microsite

On the website, kids could take a test to find out if they have been infected by a Bullies Virus – and rid themselves of it by pickling it in a concoction of dog slobber, fish whizz, bin juice and snake guts.

The pickled Bullies were then displayed in a pickling gallery for all to see.

And the schools with the most Bullies pickled were recognised for their contribution in the fight against the viruses.

The Case Study